6 Months of Incubation

We all need Yodas in our lives. Access the legal, accounting, finance and marketing advice you need from leading firms to ensure the success of your business plan. Receive mentorship from company leaders operating globally and surround yourself with over 40 other entrepreneurs.

6 Months of Accommodation

Don’t worry worry about where to live. We’ll put you up for the six months!

Be Immersed in the Culture

Tickets to sporting events, music and theatre venues around town, a Sonders E-Bike and a 60-second walk to the beach from your office!

Great Office Space

Steelcase office furniture, high-speed wi-fi and surrounded by 45 other entrepreneurs in the space and many more in the downtown.

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VertaGro: Finding Amazing Focus 1 Month In

We have now been in smOffice for 1 month! I am so grateful to have been chosen to be one of the local winners along with Liam Squires. I have been working on my ideas for the past 3 years and I now have an amazing opportunity through The Creative Space to really bring...

getWyred’s First Month of smOffice

From the time Chad Ballantyne, the owner of The Creative Space, got back in touch with us about winning the grand prize for the smOffice competition, we were beyond excited and relieved for the next six months of our lives. Being at the ribbon cutting with our fellow...

Tandempark – one month in

Well, it’s been a month and look at us now! When Chad Ballantyne of the Creative Space told me the news that Tandempark was selected as a local SmOffice winner, I knew it was a pretty exciting opportunity. Along with GetWyredand Jon Grootveldt’s vertical farming...

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Winnings valued at over $60,000.00

Come to the fastest growing and one of the youngest city in Canada!