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Accepting Applications for 2018!

We’re looking for three Indigenous heritage Startups!





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6 Months of Incubation

We all need Yodas in our lives. Access the legal, accounting, finance and marketing advice you need from leading firms to ensure the success of your business plan. Receive mentorship from company leaders operating globally and surround yourself with over 40 other entrepreneurs.

$1000, free pizza, and more!

Each winner will receive $1000 cash! As well a memberships to logo yoga studio, photo shoots, branding and web support and so much more!

Be Immersed in the Culture

Tickets to sporting events, music and theatre venues around town, a Sonders E-Bike and a 60-second walk to the beach from your office!

Great Office Space

Steelcase office furniture, high-speed wi-fi and surrounded by 50 other entrepreneurs in the space and many more in the downtown.

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VertaGROWTH: My Month 2 Report

We have now completed month two of our smOffice journey! It is difficult to express the total value that we have received over our time here at The Ceative Space. Over the past 2 months we have made alot of progress as a group and I believe that we are closer to...

smOffice Month 2 Update for getWyred

Beginning and Ending with Product-Market Fit. To kick off our second month with smOffice, the team met up with our sponsor Tyger Shark to go over the business plan we intend to use for showing investors the potential return that getWyred will bring them. The main...

Some exciting news from July

Lights, Cameras, TRACTION! This month has been incredibly encouraging as we’ve started approaching organizations and inviting them to join our community. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from several organizations that are very excited about the way we...

Our 2017 Sponsors!

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Winnings valued at over $50,000.00

Come to the fastest growing and one of the youngest city in Canada!