Blaazin Software

Blaazin Software

What will you sell?
The main functionality would be to automatically generate schedules for their respective divisions and teams, but will also have a configurable front-end for the branding of the organization itself. Eventually, this software will also have the capability to have team members communicate with each other, and have subscribe-able calendars. There are numerous other pieces of functionality planned, but the main ones are listed above. All the functionality is focused on easing the difficulties around scheduling and communication in organized sports.

Who will buy it?
This will be targeting sports organizations of all types but in terms of the specific focus we are looking at organizations who have complex scheduling needs. As an example most hockey organizations receive what locations and times are ‘theirs’ for the season, from the city centre. The organization then needs to book in all teams (divisions, levels) into those slots. This software will make the job easy for a sports organization of any type.

How will your business idea help people?
As an indirect result, the players, parents, and coaches of the organizations will benefit from having the schedule available weeks earlier. Presently families are in limbo, with other plans waiting in the wings, until the schedule is released. The frustrations mount as the time draws on with no clear idea of when and where they need to be. Our software solves this problem.

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