Grow Up Project

Its time we GROW UP, save our natural resources, our precious natural land and have available, fresh, locally grown, healthy food. We believe that a primarily plant based diet can improve health and prevent disease. We can save lives, save our planet and educate our young people to a healthier, and greener future.

We have a group of 6 people that are motivated to bring this vision to life and make a positive influence on others in the community and around the world. We are in the beginning of a food revolution and the future is here, were ready to start.

Thanks for reviewing my application !


What will you sell?

Our goal is to guarantee fresh, healthy, local food to communities ALL year round.
We will provide an assortment of leafy greens, herbs and other vegetables to local restaurants and consumers.


Who will buy it?

Our main target market will be restaurant owners/ chefs that value high-quality, fresh produce all year round. They will mostly be the local shops to begin with until we have larger capacity to reach chain stores demands. We will sell to wholesalers – people who sell at farmers markets, small health food shops and eventually into large retailers like Sobeys once we can reach their demands. We will also sell directly to the consumer at local farmers markets(for our leftover supply on Saturdays.


How will your business help others?

Our business will help people with their health. Since we do not have to transport our produce far distances, the product stays fresh and packs more nutrients. We make healthy food EASILY accesable for people who live in cities / towns where they are not provided local food year round. Consumers can trust where and when their food was harvested and trust the consistent quality which we will provide each week. For restaurant owners/chefs, their biggest problem was the fluctuating food prices from food coming from arizona & California. Our product is grown indoors, out of the way of dangerous weather and we also use 90% less water than regular farming so there is a large decrease in crop failures.