1 Month in: smOffice Report from Journey into Truth

To say our first month at SmOffice has been good, is an understatement. Our first month has been phenomenal and such a learning curve for us.  Upon hearing that we were one of the winning contestants for smOffice we were elated!  We were so excited to have been given the opportunity and access to so many amazing mentors and sponsors. Upon first chatting with Chad Ballantyne, and hearing his explanation of smOffice and upcoming opportunities, we knew we were going to be so supported. Their understanding of a holistic life as an entrepreneur is evident in the sponsors available, the amazing and welcoming Creative Space, and our interactions with Chad and Sandra (his hardworking also super supportive wife). 

Since being accepted, things have been a crazy and fun whirlwind.  The smOffice ribbon cutting ceremony at The Creative Ceremony was beautiful!  Our friends and family were there to support us and we were able to meet some of our sponsors, mentors and (hopefully) possible clients.  Mayor Jeff was present as well, to welcome us and offer encouraging words and support.  The part that really hit home for us was the beautiful opening by local Elder John Rice who welcomed us with a beautiful song and prayer.  

Since joining smOffice, our eyes have been opened to even more possibilities for our business and we could not be more thrilled for what the future holds. We had the opportunity to meet with two of our mentors, Barb Stuhlemmer from BLITZ Business Success and Marc Castel, who is a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Fiix Software, one of our top sponsors. Barb and Marc have already made such a difference in the work we are doing to establish our business. The knowledge they offered will be utilized and put into practice. They brought to light what we need to improve upon and build, in order to be a successful and thriving business. For example, value and worth are two concepts that we have struggled to wrap our heads around. After meeting with Marc and Barb, they reaffirmed that our business is worthy and that there is true value in the dreams that we have.

They also challenged us with questions, such as, what is our “pitch”? What do we ultimately want participants to take away from our workshop? How will organizations benefit from our business so it is worth their time? These crucial questions, the support, and the guidance will inevitably help us grow our small business and allow us to share out passion with so many others. We are now moving forward with more confidence and a clearer vision.

Chi-Miigwetch smOffice, The Creative Space, Marc, Barb, Chad, Sandra and the rest of our sponsors and mentors we have yet to meet!  We feel blessed and grateful, and we are hungry to keep learning. We are now moving forward with more confidence and a clearer vision.

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