Be a Part of Earth to Kids’ Story…

Hey Mommas (or Dads)!

Do you care about feeding your kids nutritious, organic food that they will actually eat, and not only eat, but love and ask for more of? We do too!!

We are developing an exciting new product that’s super nutritious, extra delicious and, as with all Earth to Kids products, it’s  organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen free, preservative free and all that good stuff. We can’t tell you exactly what it is quite yet, but will tell you it’s something your kids are familiar with and would likely eat tons of if you’d let them…

We’ll let you in on all the fun details if you and your little ones can help us out by simply sharing your opinion. Join our focus group and you’ll be amongst the first taste testers and have the opportunity to help make this product as good as can be – making you a part of Earth to Kids’ story.

Our focus group will be held at The Creative Space in downtown Barrie August 5, 7-9pm.

To join the focus group, you need to have 1 or more children between the ages of 1 – 8 years, have transportation to The Creative Space downtown Barrie and a willingness to share your honest opinion on everything from taste and texture to price point and brand names. Ideally, you’re between the ages of 28-45 and often shop for food at health food stores or the health section of the grocery store.

Even the pickiest eaters will love our food!

GreyBlueberriesHere’s a pic of my little guy eating blueberries. It’s my hope and goal that he will always be this happy eating nutritious food.

If you’re interested in joining our focus group please send an email to or comment on this post with your name, email, number of children and ages. We look forward to meeting  you, hearing about your experiences with feeding your children and sharing a piece of Earth to Kids with you 🙂

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Love food that loves you back,


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