How the Paperwork Agency became Left B Agency

Wait! It’s been six months already?

I asked Chad the other day when the program officially ended and even though I know I have been here since June 9th it surprised me to hear him say the date. It seemed like I had blinked, and six months had passed. It brought me to a place of reflection and the realization of how much success had been had with the help of smOffice and everything that it has had to offer me as a new business owner. It made me realize that with all the sacrifices and the emotional rollercoaster that is experienced, an entrepreneur can learn to endure and that there were amazing people and programs that exist to help. This humbling experience has helped me decide how I want to help people in my community and the new business owners that follow. 

When I first walked into the Creative Space I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I was searching for a place where I could focus and be out of my personal space so that I could become more productive. I didn’t realize exactly what went into the planning of something that seemed simple enough, like pricing. The common pricing strategy used in this industry is an hourly rate. It seemed logical at first but once I started to discuss this more with the mentors, I realized that this strategy wasn’t the right one for me. I want my clients to sign-off on an agreed upon rate up front and feel good about their choice in doing business with me. It also made me feel that by using this method I could hold myself accountable for my time management and overall success in my work. I felt guided by this exercise and truly appreciative in receiving the helpful hints that the mentorship program was giving me. 

Another monumental lesson I have learned while working here has been to trust myself. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life doubting decisions, anticipating negative outcomes, and shying away from opportunities. The outcome has always been the same, a feeling of depreciation in what I could accomplish. smOffice brought me into a new world, one where I could immerse myself in a place that represented self-success and a place that teaches you how to trust yourself. As a business owner of a sole proprietorship, I desperately needed to become more confident.  

Without this mindset I know I wouldn’t have had the same success with the Starter Company Plus program, which will allow me to continue my relationship with the Creative Space for another year. I will also begin working with Rhubarb Media and their team to build a website that can bring me online and allow me to reach a larger crowd. 

Wow, so a lot has taken place over these last six months. With some major commitments out of the way, I have begun to reach out to the community and my target group to finally start meeting with prospective clients. I am very excited to move onto the next stages in my business plan.

Big thanks again to everyone involved in smOfffice 2018 and the Creative Space. This contest has changed my life. 

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