Left B Agency – Month four

Last months reported ended by promising an update on the part-time studies that I was about to embark on.

It is interesting what a set back used to do to me before I became an Entrepreneur. I can admit that I used to feel a lot more high-strung than I am now. I can’t say that I am completely immune to disappointment but when things are moving faster, changes are apt to happen. I had planned to be moving into my next phase, to be attending two programs at Georgian College. These classes would strengthen my skills in grant writing and digital arts. Both courses didn’t have the required number of students to run the course and so, the courses did not run.  

As I assess what to do next I realized that my plans were not completely foiled. When I first began putting my ideas together I discussed good ways to acquire these skills with a seasoned artist that had been in the music industry for over 15 years. Her advice was for me to volunteer within an organization that funds artists, as a peer judge so that I can gain exposure to the process, and to see what is accepted and what is declined. On the same note, I was given similar advice by mentor Barb Stuhlemmer of Blitz Business on how to begin to interact with my target audience, volunteer with an association or group and begin to build relationships. As of November, I will be joining the Barrie Arts Committee as a volunteer where I hope to meet artists and support events in the community. 

In exciting news, I have received the confirmation of acceptance and date of the presentation that Left B will make before the panel of the Starter Company Plus program which will happen on October 17, 2018. I do well in one-on-one interactions but have always had some sort of stage fright when facing a group to present something. I will not be turning down the chance to practice as much as possible over the next week. 

With these final stages of the business plan I will be resuming working with clients before November. Which leaves me pretty much on track with my business goals. Wish me luck for the presentation.

Until next month.

Shannon Frunza

I am getting nervous to present but I have been reassured that it will be nothing like Dragons Den 

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