Sponsors so far…

The smOffice Contest is causing quite a stir!  Seems like everyone wants to be involved in this truely Barrie-centric idea!  Here’s the pitch…

Knowing your commitment to advancing Barrie’s entrepreneurial community and of mentoring others, we wanted to touch base with all the leaders in Barrie regarding a  downtown entrepreneur initiative that is looking to replicate a highly successful campaign that was run in the U.S. (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulIJGbObgRk ). It would be run with a national media outreach campaign, would drive Barrie’s innovation / entrepreneurial brand, has the support of several of Barrie’s key stakeholders and would allow you to play a lead role in supporting Barrie’s overall economic development plan to grow entrepreneurism.

The notion is a national contest for ‘the world’s smallest office’. Applicants (could be an existing small business, or – better – a start up in the incubation process) would apply to come to Barrie, get an office at The Creative Space, get a condo for 6 months, nominal spending money, basic business equipment (Mac notebook), access to mentorship from entrepreneur mentors in Barrie, as well as banking, accounting and legal mentors. Much like joining an incubation centre – but with the bells / whistles of the condo etc. It plans to engage national sponsors like Staples and use my own media firm to enable a national media outreach campaign – all promoting and drawing awareness to Barrie and its growing innovation / entrepreneurial landscape. Your participation would align you and your brand with Barrie’s entrepreneurial focus and do so on a national scale.

What we’re looking for is core sponsorship from leading Barrie entrepreneurs, as well as other associated companies in the $3K (each) range plus inkind support.

Send us a note if you’re interested!

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