Our first few weeks at SmOffice

My name is Hattie and I’m the Co-founder and President of Marketing at our new tech start up, Subit Sports. My husband, Tristan and I won the SmOffice competition as the out of town winners. Our first two weeks were AMAZING. The ribbon cutting for the SmOffice winners was so much fun. It really made us feel welcome and celebrated in the Creative space.

I am starting to love the shared co-working space at the creative space. It has allowed us to really focus on working to get our company up off the ground. The warm inviting atmosphere, tall ceilings and bright colourful art makes this a beautiful enjoyable place to work. I didn’t realize how much more efficient I could be having a dedicated work space instead of working from home with all the distractions. It’s been so great having chatting sessions with the other SmOffice winners too, Randy and Charles. We have daily stand ups where we tell our accomplishments and things we want to achieve for that day and the day before. It helps us all stay accountable.

I’m not going to lie, the first couple weeks of SmOffice were very overwhelming. Up until this opportunity we had been working part time on our business. We were feeling pretty overwhelmed our first day with everything that we have to do to get up and launched! It’s so exciting to have dedicated time to work and grow our business. Despite being a little overwhelmed at the beginning, I think the most amazing thing about our experience so far at SmOffice is how much the mentors want to help and see us succeed. As young entrepreneurs there are so many hurdles to overcome and it’s definitely overwhelming, the help we have received so far has been beyond any of our dreams. The sponsors are incredible and we’ve already taken advantage and ordered Toppers to the creative space. Their pizza was great!

We’ve been able to meet with Barb from Blitz business success who was SO incredible in helping us define our goals and structure our business. Since we are a partnership it was so helpful to get our goals aligned and on the same page with eachother. She was invaluable to our start up process. We are just so beyond grateful for the help and guidance we have received so far


Chad’s encouragement for entrepreneurs really gives us a boost each time we see him at the creative space. We are so grateful to rhubarb media and can’t wait for our business cards to be designed. We also have a mentorship session coming up with Amanda from Catalyst PR. My background is in marketing and my husband’s is in customer service but we have no experience in public relations and are so excited to learn from the experts. We can’t wait to make our way through the list of sponsors and mentors and soak in all that SmOffice has to offer. Honestly thank you so much for choosing us as one of the winners for 2017! We can’t wait to launch our mobile app. A huge thank you to all of the sponsors and mentors we have met with so far!

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