Marc Castel

“I believe in empowering young people to become socially-minded entrepreneurs, and have spent many years encouraging, mentoring and funding hundreds of young entrepreneurs in their fledgling businesses. I’ve spent my entire professional life trying to make a difference and pay it forward which is why I’m very excited to participate in the smoffice program.”

About Marc

I am the CEO of Maintenance Assistant, a global enterprise SaaS company specializing in providing web-solutions to manage the maintenance activities of SMEs. Castel is a serial entrepreneur, and over the last 30+ years I’ve been involved in businesses in industrial manufacturing, medical devices, education, astronomy, robotics, enterprise software, music and wine. I was also an Executive In Residence at Communitech in Waterloo, and have been involved in the tech community as both a mentor for young entrepreneurs through Georgian College, Futurpreneur Canada, WBT, and TiEQuest and as a funder through the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and as a member of the Golden Triangle AngelNet.