Meagan Lortie

Meagan Lortie

Meagan Lortie

My Grandfather and Grandmother on my father’s side are both of Ojibwe Heritage. My Grandfather went to a residential

school in Spanish, ON when he was younger. My Great Grandmother married a French man before my Grandmother was

born and lost all connection to her home community. Therefore, what I have been told is that I am Ojibwe and I am currently

on the journey of reclaiming my identity as an Anishinaabe-kwe.


What will you sell?
Journey into Truth: Decolonizing our Environments is a workshop which focuses on breaking down stereotypes and explores how colonization (primarily residential schools) has effected the lives of Indigenous people in North America. In the workshop, we begin by exploring what colonization looks like and the ways in which people are working towards reconciliation and decolonization in their environments. Having the workshop facilitated by an Indigenous Person and a non-Indigenous person encourages discussion regarding the effects of colonization, how it translates into today’s world and how we as Indigenous people and advocates can work together towards reconciliation.

Therefore, what we are ‘selling’ is education for various organizations, businesses and the community resulting in education for the decolonization of their policies, operations, strategies, and management.

How will your business idea help people?
Our business will help people by encouraging them to think critically about what it truly means to decolonize their environments and engage in anti-oppressive practices in their day-to-day lives while evoking empathy and understanding. Our goal is for participants to leave the workshop empowered to become advocates of reconciliation in their communities and inspire others to walk a similar path.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants receive our resource package which includes: informative readings, information about local Indigenous organizations, and tools and resources to support them in their journey into truth and reconciliation.