We love smOffice!

Tandempark and smOffice were made to be together. We’re like Calvin and Hobbes because they dream big and won’t let people tell them to grow up. We’re like Batman and Robin because they love their city and will fight to protect it. And we’re like Han and Chewy because they’re awesome.

Yep, we’re perfect for each other. Tandempark has a awesome vision for volunteerism but we need your help to make it happen. Barrie has incredible talent that we hope to learn from and awesome resources that will make our launch a success! We hope you see our passion and vision, and choose Tandempark as a 2016 smOffice winner, so we can all be better together!

What will you sell?
We’re creating an online community that connects and engages youth and volunteers of all ages with meaningful and relevant projects they’ll love. Our approach creates a better volunteer experience, a simpler administrative process, better hour tracking, and a scorecard system that helps great volunteers stand out!

Who will buy it?
Tandempark serves four distinct client types: Volunteers, Volunteer Coordinators, High School Administrators, and Businesses.  It’s free to join Tandempark as a volunteer, which is awesome since there are 15,000 students in Simcoe County alone who are required to complete 40 hours each. That’s 600,000 hours that will continue to be in demand.
Our primary revenue stream comes from the volunteer coordinators who depend on volunteer support. They pay an annual subscription fee to use Tandempark’s unique recruiting and administrative tools.

How will your business idea help people?
Tandempark improves the volunteer experience for everyone.

Volunteers are connected with projects they’ll love and get great feedback from their supervisors. The feedback produces a Tandempark Rating that reflects their performance. Better ratings lead to better experiences.