Top 10 things we LOATH and LOVE about being an Entrepreneur

We did an exercise with a handful of treps at our bi monthly Open Coffee Club.
Answer these 2 questions;

1.  What do you LOATH about being an entrepreneur?
2.  What do your LOVE about being an entrepreneur?

Here’s the summery of our responses.
Top 10 things we entrepreneurs LOATH and LOVE about being an Entrepreneur

People asking for Free work
Inconsistent cash flow
Never Ending – Can’t turn it off – no boundaries
Putting out Fires – you’re the chief
unending Instability – free falling
Lack of appreciation
It can be a Ball and chain
Banks reaction to our needs

I’m the boss
Creative freedom – ideas can be pursued
Doing what you love
Client interaction
Being a mentor
Ability to be Agile/pivot
Choosing your clients/staff
Collaboration network
Competent – confident spiralling up.

We also said if you had 5 seconds with a wanna be trep, what advice or question would you pass down?Here’s our TOP TEN

Stability or Choice – choose one!
Are you passionate about it?
Can you make a living?
Have you done research?
Find a mentor/team.
Get training (courses, workshops) Lifelong learner
Lose the ego
Pursue greatness
Do the Research
Are you really a entrepreneur?

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