smOffice Month 2 Update for getWyred

Beginning and Ending with Product-Market Fit.

image-713495335_1612340225744358_7587928085093780511_n-1To kick off our second month with smOffice, the team met up with our sponsor Tyger Shark to go over the business plan we intend to use for showing investors the potential return that getWyred will bring them. The main thing they advised us to focus on was finalizing a great prototype to show people what the app could do in a clear, simple way.

Thankfully, we were already doing that and it was reassuring to hear back from them that we were heading in the right direction.



Opening Night On The Bay. The next networking event that we were fortunate enough to be invited to was the premiere of Faust, a Theatre by the Bay production, where we received free tickets, thanks to our mentor & sponsor Angela Baldwin. It was a different show than the getWyred team is used to seeing but it was still interesting to get out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to the possibilities of problems we could solve in connecting people and events with arts & culture. Along with some great company that included Liam Squires of Tandempark, Chad Ballantyne of The Creative Space & Rhubarb Media, Jon Grootveld of Vertagro, and Angela Baldwin of Baldwin Planning & Development Consultants, it was great to finally have a night out and see a great poem come to life on stage.

Wyring In to AvocoBar. As we continued further in our exploration of Barrie’s local businesses, we thought it would be good to wyre in to AvocoBar to congratulate them for expanding their stores near Dunlop Street, where the smOffice resides. Not only are they an amazing, healthy alternative to fast food but the culture and environment of their salad bars would be perfect for any person trying to find a great place to get a salad or wrap. They truly make healthy eating a piece of cake!

Catching the Wave Ahead of the Curve. After many months of trying to figure out what the potential for growth was in preparing to meet investors, being available and collaborative in The Creative Space caught the attention of a first-time co-worker that was willing to offer his expertise in finance. As a result, we were finally able to look at the growth of companies that launched and grew over three years prior to our’s, do a little calculating, and come up with the answers we needed to show investors how we would catch the next wave in social media before the curve in the road showed up. In certain cases, the only answer to the challenge you’re facing is persistence in seeking the help you need. Always turn to the experts before giving up.

A Whole New Look to Our Story. To help us in sharing our story, Rhubarb Media was kind enough to redesign the look of our splash page and came back with a fresh, amazing look to our website. As you can see, they’ve helped us get straight to the point and tell people like you, exactly what we do at getWyred – eliminate the fear of missing out!

image-2Clearing the Weeds to Reach the Clouds. The biggest lesson that we took away from our meeting with another mentor of the smOffice program, Marc Castel, was that if you’re not focusing on the top 3-4 priorities of your role in a company, you’re stuck in the weeds and need to do whatever is necessary to get out. Great work can only come from being focused and focus can only be had when you learn to say no to the things that won’t help you with your top 3 priorities.
image-5What’s In It For Me? In our latest meeting with one of our mentors prior to smOffice and now a sponsor of ours through smOffice, we got a chance to sit down with Corey Shelson of 44 North Digital Marketing to go over the basics like any great coach. When you get started in any venture, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what you want and need all or most of the time but when it came to an important meeting we would have with potential partners, Corey got us to think about what would be in the app or deal for our partners and then how we could give it to them. Things like this sound so basic that we tend to take it for granted, so it’s always helpful to be reminded of the fundamentals because those are what truly matter at the end of the day.



image-1And A Little Pepperoni on Top. Last but not least, we had to enjoy ourselves a little bit at the smOffice with some free lunch from Topper’s Pizza. Nothing better like a flavoury piece of pizza when you’re going to work and making things happen. Thank you, Topper’s, for keeping us well fuelled for the next four months of smOffice.

Month two has led to a lot of creative problem solving, productive meetings, and tasty treats down at The Creative Space. Thank you again for everyone’s contribution to the smOffice program as a sponsor or mentor in helping getWyred prepare to launch on the App Store. With a few more critical steps and updates, getWyred will be ready for you to Wyre in to your favorite venues and house parties. Until then, you can sign up for our email list (and mark us as a favorite) to receive updates at
Thank you,
Troy McNamara
Director of Marketing
getWyred, Inc.

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